What Makes a Stellar Book Club? Authors Help... Print

The Ledges Book CoverYesterday I got to speak to the Ladies Club in Semiahmoo.  They were delightful-and had great questions about how the Juvenile Detention Center Book Club works.  I got to share some titles we’ve done there over the last three years, and they asked for a list

What makes a stellar book club?  My favorite book clubs are often the ones where the authors are involved.  So far We’ve emailed with Paul Volponi, skyped with Terry Trueman and Jim Davidson and actually gotten to have Royce Buckingham, Michael Grant and Sherman Alexie visit the detention center. The authors have all had powerful messages about hope, moving on after setbacks, and the power of books. 

Is there a title you think we should consider for our book club?  Let us know!

-Aubri Keleman