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Readers AdvisorHey!  I'm Sarah, your research and reference guide.  On this page, you will find information and resources for your research.  If you need assistance, use the "Ask A Librarian" feature, located on the left column of this page.  Have fun :)

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Bellingham Herald Print Email
The Bellingham Herald has made changes to their online site requiring setting up an account and limiting free access.  Why not try the library's online access to the Herald? You have free searchable access to the newspaper from the end of 1999 up to today's paper.  All you need is your library card which is of course free!
Fix that snowmobile Print Email
snowmobileWith your WCLS library card, you can freely access repair manuals for all types of engines using the Small Engine Repair database.  From home, work or school; wherever you have access to the internet; you have hundreds of full text repair manuals available 24/7.  Find the manual for your snowmobile, tractor, motorcycle, generator and more without leaving the comfort of your home or garage.
Library Elf tracks your library books Print Email

libraryelfWhatcom County Library System (WCLS) subscribes to Library Elf an internet service that allows you to voluntarily sign up to receive holds and overdue notices via text or email. Think of it as your personal library materials tracker for all of your families' library materials, or just your own. Families can even combine their cards and have all of their notices sent to a single cell phone number. Do you want more details about Library Elf?

John Lennon Print Email
Even 32 years after his death, there are books and more being published about the "smart" Beatle.  If you just want to hear the music, the library has the cds as well.
Does your vote for President count? Print Email
Yes and no.  The Electoral College was created by the Founding Fathers as a compromise between having the President elected by Congress or by the people.  Mid December the twelve Washington State Electors will meet in Olympia to cast the vote for president and since Washington is a “winner take all state” the popular vote will determine their vote.  For more information on this consult the National Archives and Records Administration since it is the department in charge of the Electoral College.
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