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Readers AdvisorHey!  I'm Lisa G - your guide to "What Do I Read Next?".  Look around this page to find ideas for your next read.  Many of our lists are hand-selected and linked to the catalog, making it easy to place requests.  Have a blast!
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jacket covers from the of the titles on this careers booklistOur chosen career - such an integral part of our path through life.  If fortunate, we get to feel the rush of excitement that comes with finding our life's passion in work, followed by growth and discovery - and sometimes, disappointment.  The titles in this Careers booklist are not memoirs or books about business, but fiction about people pursuing their life passions in work - artists and out-of-the-ordinary professions are most often represented - and covering decades during the last century.  Whatever their work, these characters communicate a vibrancy and focus that is palpable and inspiring.

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Four jacket covers from the coming of age booklistComing of Age - that exhilarating and bittersweet time that we all pass through on the way to adulthood.  Full of challenges, joy and pain, the transition is from relative naïveté to (hopefully) maturity and understanding.  This Life Stages - Coming of Age booklist highlights a few of the many titles written on this theme, spanning most of the century.  Different eras provide different challenges - the poverty of the Depression era, heartbreak of WWII, and civil unrest of the 60s as examples.  Here's a little "did you know?" - to see more titles like this, try a subject search for bildungsromans, a word of German origin meaning "a novel about the moral and psychological growth of the main character."  A little-known word brought to you by the Library of Congress subject headings!

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Jacket cover from The Paris Wife, showing part of a woman sitting at an outdoor cafe table (head is cropped off, legs crossed casually, arm resting on table next to a teacup)Jacket cover from The Story of a Marriage, showing a rocky shoreline looking across towards what appears to be the Golden Gate BridgeReading allows us to have experiences in our imagination that we may not ever be able to have in real life.  It can also provide illumination and insight to our shared experiences.  In upcoming Book Buzz posts, I'll be featuring booklists that focus on different stages of life - some we may have experienced, some yet to come.  The stories in this Marriage booklist are set over the timespan of a century, so represent how the institution has changed, as well as the fact that some things remain happily (or not so) the same.  The Paris Wife is immensely popular right now and I loved The Story of a Marriage for its beautiful language and the way it made me feel that I'd lived through the time and place (San Francisco 1950s) in which the book was set.  Happy Reading! 

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Screen sheet of the home page highlighting the Research tab at the tab of the page and the drop down menu that shows where Alphabetical Databases isYou just finished reading a book you absolutely loved and there is nothing on your nightstand likely to be even half as compelling.  NoveList to the rescue!  NoveList is a collection of primo information not available to just anyone on the web, but accessible to you courtesy of your library card.  You can get to NoveList by selecting Alphabetical Databases from the Research tab at the top of this page.  Login using your WCLS library card number, then try typing in the title of your last book (or a favorite author) in the basic search box.  The suggested Title Read-alikes, Author Read-alikes and Series Read-alilkes (where applicable) even tell you why NoveList thinks you might like them!

Where is Hedestad? Print Email

Jacket cover from Fans of Stieg Larsson are wondering - where is that quaint little town in the Swedish countryside called Hedestad featured in Larsson's The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo?  Sorry to disappoint you, but it doesn't exist.  However - if you happen to be traveling to Stockholm, the Stockholm City Museum is offering a guided tour that visits real locations that the book mentions.  Some of the locations are Blomqvist's apartment, Lisbeth's apartment, the Kaffebar cafe in Stockholm (Blomqvist's hangout), and the Kvarnen bar (Lisbeth's hangout).

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