20 Years of Clean Audits for WCLS Print

Clean Financial AuditA letter from Washington State Auditor Brian Sonntag was read to the Whatcom County Library System’s (WCLS) Board of Trustees at their December 13 meeting by Felicia Den Adel, Assistant Audit Manager...

Audit letter presentedfor Team Bellingham.  The letter congratulates WCLS on its exemplary record of no audit findings in the last twenty years.

From the Auditor’s letter: "This accomplishment reflects the dedication of the District and the staff to strong oversight of operations, good internal controls and accurate financial reporting... Our office views the relationship with the District as a model for other entities in our state."

Library Director Joan Airoldi also recognized the work of library staff for the clean audits. “Thanks go to Kyle Teeter, our Administrative Services Manager, for bringing his expertise and background in the auditing process to WCLS during complex times. His proactive work has been crucial to this process,” said Airoldi.

“Also, I want to fondly remember and thank Kathryn Frank who set the course for WCLS fiscal management for many years and upon whose shoulders this award stands,” continued Airoldi. Ms. Frank, who passed away in 2010, served 26 years as the Administrative Services Manager for WCLS from 1979 through 2005.

Founded in 1944, Whatcom County Library System envisions a future in which the curiosity of each generation flourishes and where our communities cannot imagine a world without their libraries.  WCLS - the best place to begin!

Photo-above right: Library System receives State Auditor letter of congratulations for 20 years of audits with no findings. Pictured l to r, Felicia Den Adel, Assistant Audit Manager for Team Bellingham, State Auditor’s Office; Deborah Lambert, Chair, WCLS Board of Trustees; Joan Airoldi, Library Director; Kyle Teeter, Administrative Services Manager.